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An engineering firm in the Portland area is looking for a full-time engineer for its office in Bath, Maine. The Bathroom Office is looking for projects that take 1-3 months and include the construction of a new building, renovation or renovation of an old building. To apply, please send us a cover letter and CV with your name, address, telephone number and contact information to [e-mail address].

Prospective customers should send a cover letter with salary requirements to [email protected] and continue writing with their name, address, telephone number and contact information. If you are interested in passing by, you can submit your letter here and submit it before the interview date and time at [e-mail address]. Interested parties must submit their cover letter, which includes salary requirements, in the form of a CV, together with a copy of their CV and your name and telephone number, as well as your email address and contact information by 30 April 2017.

Our team continues to interview great opportunities published on the job portal, both by phone and video, and we will send you job offers by email. Next, we recommend you spend some time in job fairs in your area of interest, especially if you live in Maine. While most tech companies do not actively post here, there are many jobs on our site, our friend Whit runs a website and his weekly email contains job advertisements. For those of you who work in technology, read Angellist, subscribe to Maine Startups Insider, or join the network if we can't find a job that fits in with the current listings.

We are in the process of getting people to work for us by visiting our office and continuing to follow the precautionary practice of COVID 19. We automate our onboarding process and proactively contact our employees to visit the office, and continue to adhere to our precautions and practices under COID 19, such as fingerprinting.

The librarian for business and government is the coordinator for government documents at the Portland Public Library (FDLP). You can fill in and receive your application on our website, or you can receive an application and send it to us by e-mail, telephone, fax, e-mail or post. When you apply, please send us a cover letter and CV along with a copy of your CV and a letter of recommendation for the job description.

The Director of Human Resources keeps an eye on the evolution of human resources and keeps himself informed. This person will inform himself of the upcoming needs of library staff and develop a plan for dealing with the needs of library staff and other staff.

N Employment discrimination is governed by applicable state and local law at the location where the company has offices.

This policy covers all employment conditions, including wages, hours worked, benefits, health insurance and other benefits. Unless otherwise stated in the call for tenders, the Agency has no power to set a time limit or to terminate a post without notice, unless the time limit is indicated. The agency's actions should be considered in accordance with Maine law and the conditions of their employment. If no deadlines or dates are specified in the calls for tenders, they may be specified if the position or capacity is measured by that date or date.

If you didn't have the luxury of working remotely for a company in Maine, you might be interested in moving here to work full-time in Portland, Maine, for the Maine Department of Transportation.

There are a few companies in Portland that can help you find them, and we have a lot of experience and advice when it comes to working with recruiters. Whether you want to work in engineering or not, we have compiled a list of jobs in Portland Maine that you can view. As we mentioned in the job forum, we would like to give you some tips and tricks when applying for various jobs to get a job at all, but there are some that could be better. Apply today to change a person's life by getting paid, setting your own flexible work schedule or working for a recruitment company.

If you do not see many items listed on our website, it is possible that there are not many items in your area. This is a common occurrence, and we expect that for every vacancy you will find at least one or two jobs in Portland, Maine.

For example, if you are a software engineer, look at the different companies you want to hire and know that many employers will hire on JobsinME. Alternatively, we recommend creating a list of the places you want to work in and monitoring them when you set them. For example, when you write a cover letter, you think about stressing yourself out and thinking about moving to Maine. In this example, you do not want to spend money when posting on other websites, but know, for example, many of the employers posting on