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Much ink has been spilled over the last decade on the seemingly never-ending waves of Portland, Maine's main coastal city. Portland is located between the lake and the mountains and has a population of over 2.5 million people, more than Greater Portland combined, and its famous hometown Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called it the "Jewel of the Sea." There's everything from watery restaurants to epic lighthouses, a vibrant art scene and a diverse mix of cultural institutions.

No one has experienced all the cultural possibilities of a big city, but Portland has something for everyone, whether it's funky food or something out of the ordinary, whether indoors or out. Portland restaurants that appeal to everyone who wants to discover new tastes and sensations, from craft beer and wine to craft cocktails and craft beers.

If you find life in Portland a pleasant and lasting experience, you would be very welcome to share any thoughts you might have about Portland. Along with the Maine slogan, it is the perfect name for the community we are revitalizing, starting businesses and raising families, and for the families we have called Maine Home for generations.

To help you plan your next trip to the City of Roses, check out our events calendar and read about some of our favorite cultural offerings in Portland. You can browse Portland's full calendar by date and event type, or visit us on Facebook by clicking Inside Maine Events. To find more activities in and around Portland, check out our list of events and events on our Portland Culture page. We also recommend you check our calendar to see all events in the Portland Cultural District as well as other events in the city.

Explore the old and new food that the city has to offer and lead an in-your-face and mind expedition through four cities in Maine.

Portland is a center for artists, entrepreneurs and creative people alike, with studios, warehouses and makerspaces where you can make your own handicrafts in the city. Portland has one of the most diverse and vibrant art communities in the United States. Portland Museum of Art Shows Maine Artists Works by world-famous names are also on display. This gallery houses state-of-the-art contemporary works that are located at the intersection of art history, modern art, contemporary art and contemporary culture.

The Portland Society of Art, founded in 1882, is divided into two distinct groups, the Portland Art Society and the Maine Art Club. European style, but able to stretch to accommodate colonial times and 19th century painters who reshaped it for an American audience.

The Portland Lobster Co. - whoever is a fan of the lighthouse should look at what lies ahead of him today. Take a photo of the inspiring guardians of the Maine coast and see the unpredictable opening hours. There are only a limited number of tickets for the annual Maine Lighthouse Museum Tour, but you can book in advance, so check the erratic opening hours and times!

When I returned to Portland for the first time in many years, I was shocked by the number of sold-out events in the Friteshack when I arrived. Josh Miranda, who has opened 14 more bars and restaurants across the country, wants to come home and build a place Portland hasn't seen before. Judging by the number of 5 or fewer popular locations in LA that can be found in Portland, this event will be sold out. It is home to the famous Duckfat restaurant, as well as some of Portland's best craft beers and wines.

If you like to explore and hike on your own, the Munjoy Hill neighborhood is a Portland destination. The ferry takes you to Peaks Island, where you can certainly enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. It offers the best views of the city and Casco Bay and is a symbol of Portland as it is home to some of the best restaurants, bars and shops in Maine.

The Portland Head of Light still leads the sailors to a seat on a promontory at the entrance to Portland Harbor. Knightville has been inundated for decades by traffic flowing across the old Million Dollar Bridge, which connects Portland with South Portland.

And finally, don't miss the food trolleys near Portland Headlights, which are listed in our list of restaurants. Portland offers visitors the opportunity to observe lobster fishing and board one of the largest lobster boats in the USA in Portland harbor. From Portland, you can board a lobster boat and venture out into picturesque Casco Bay, where you will learn how to lay bait and tow traps.

Portland is one of the ten largest beer cities in the United States, and our favorites focus on local and regional beers. Local brews are offered at local breweries such as Portland Brewing Company and Portland Beerworks, as well as at local craft breweries.

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More About Portland