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I thought it was time to finally clarify where I eat in Portland, Maine, and as Portland continues to build its culinary reputation, I wondered if I should share some of my favorite places in the city, from the most popular restaurants to the obscure. Portland is not only a city of restaurants, but also a city of food and culture, so I thought that anyone visiting Maine would need a waterfront dock to serve their favorite Maine dish. There's your favorite lobster hut tucked away in the water or anchor in Portland Harbor, and there's something for everyone in one of the many restaurants and bars along the waterfront.

If you're looking for something truly unique, forget the lobby and eat your Maine favorite. If lobster rolls ever get boring, the menu here will put the lobster in a grilled cheese sandwich, a lobster bun or even a plate of lobster and cheese.

If you have a sweet tooth and a love of baked goods, this may be your first stop in Portland. If you fancy a sit-in lunch, head to this small sandwich shop run by James Beard Award - the award-winning chef and owner of Portland Bakery. They are sold out, but open for lunch at weekends.

Cheesy, crispy and perfectly cooked, these savoury crepes are the best at any time of day, but they are one of the many delicacies on offer at Portland Patisserie. This seafood roar, created as a dining car, offers a variety of options, from deep-fried cheese bowls to grilled wood chips. From chilled seafood to grilled lobster with cheese to roasted black cumin butter, chef Sam Hayward's food is classic, understated and never dull. It's a fun, casual choice if you're craving almost every ocean Shellfish on a brioche bun baked on site.

Located on the Portland Waterfront for over 30 years and run by the Alfiero family all the time, this is probably the best place to buy fresh seafood in Portland. The restaurant focuses on beautifully cooked local seafood, including lobster, lobster rolls, crab cakes, oysters, shrimp and more. Casco Bay, Portland, Maine, is home to an abundance of organic crops grown by local farmers, as well as some of the best seafood in the world.

One of the dishes not to be missed on a Portland Food Crawl is the ramen at Pai Men Miyake. The fried chicken, rice, noodles, chicken and rice noodles are a must - order dishes, and they offer a variety of coffee and beer options that, like most places in Portland, you mustn't miss.

Miyake is often called the best sushi in Portland and New England and is a must-visit place even if you're only in town on weekends. The food and service is solid, and the unique experience is exactly what you will be looking for during your vacation in Maine. There are a lot of restaurants that are supposed to appeal to tourists, but not nearly as many as this one.

Central Provisions is one of those places you want to return to every time you visit Portland. Any visit to Portland would be incomplete without admiring the fantastic food and service at Central Commission, as well as the unique atmosphere and atmosphere of the restaurant.

If your main goal when visiting Portland is to enjoy incredible seafood, you'll know you've found the right place once you step on the scale and see the elaborate display of fresh fish on ice. If you want to eat a traditional lobster roll in Maine, this is the place to do it. The perfectly toasted buns, lobster buns and fresh seafood make this an unforgettable experience to have in Maine before you leave the state.

There are a lot of pizza places in Portland, but this one is definitely the first place. This pizza is littered with an amazing combination of fresh ingredients and is a necessary stop on any food tour in Portland.

Terlingua is a favorite in Portland because it offers some of our favorite bites, but if you decide to dig up shells fresh from this floating restaurant in Maine, you'll leave a lasting impression. From dive bars serving good food to restaurants that put Portland on the map, these restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars are places where we hear recommendations from each other and see the servers and bartenders during their shifts.

This pocket-sized restaurant serves some of the most inventive desserts found in Maine, and they are known for making alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that delight the senses. Ginn, despite the name, is known for wowing his guests with its outrageous taste and unexpected combinations. The spicy, traditional Italian cuisine is prepared with the best ingredients Maine has to offer.

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