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Portland, Maine is like Paris when it comes to shopping destinations. Who says you're not spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping at a mall? When you go shopping in Portland Maine, you'll find a bit of everything in one place. Here you will find everything from restaurants and bars to shops, restaurants, hotels, shops and much more.

Nearby, visitors can visit the Maine Mall in South Portland, where Maine - made items are presented. The Portland Mall has over 100 stores, including a variety of clothing, accessories, jewelry, candles, homewares and more. The store also specializes in fresh Maine-made products, highlighted by fresh Maine produce such as fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh vegetables and herbs, and organic produce.

The Salzkeller offers a wide range of wines and beers, as well as a wide selection of dishes. Her final resting place should be at LeRoux's Kitchen in 181 Commercial, where you can taste homemade vinegar, find paring knives and pick up a bottle of sparkling wine.

The Fens Maker is a beautiful shop that you can explore for locally made last to best merchandise, including renamed home brands. It is the perfect place to shop for everything a person has to do and do what they have.

The atmosphere is relaxed and cosy, while you try the distinctive specialty shops that make this shopping street famous. The surprises range from kitschy to cool, from vintage clothes and accessories to home decor and furniture to jewelry and furniture.

Portland is also good with second-hand clothing stores, where you'll likely find retro jackets and dresses that will stand out in your closet at equally attractive prices. Most items are fair, but be aware that haggling might get you a better deal.

If you have a day to shop and are in Old Port , hit the shops before you go, you have to check out the Maine - made items. Reny's Mardens is another shopping adventure in Maine, and if you're not dealing with the same changing inventory every day, what should you buy when you see it at Marden's?

Held monthly in Portland, the First Friday Art Walks celebrate creativity, and original crafts are a popular destination as shoppers drop by to see everything from decorative sculptures to handmade artwork, artwork and art installations. Whether you're buying handmade canvas seabags or discovering a new piece of art on display at the Maine Museum of Natural History, you'll definitely have something to keep you entertained.

From Kittery Outlets to Freeport Outlet, Bar Harbor and Portland, Maine has acted in a way that meets all the needs and desires of the shopping community.

Gourmets and hobby chefs will be in paradise with the delicious produce sold at Bar Harbor Market and Maine Housemade Market at Freeport Outlet. Head to Folly 101 and 101 Exchange, many of which specialize in Maine - manufactured goods and imported items from Maine homes.

If you're looking for fresh seafood from the sea in Portland, Maine, visit Free Range Fish & Lobster. The Maine lobster has lived in the waters off the coast of Maine for over 100 years and here you can buy a wide variety of local seafood on the market.

I also recently got in touch with Kristine Trogner, who lives in SF, but has moved to Maine and is moving to Portland. P.S. Kristines a realtor here in town, so If you are thinking of moving to Portland, you should talk to her about it.

When Jim and I lived in the great Portland area, Walter's was our first choice restaurant, located on Exchange Street. The menu is full of authentic New England dishes that take advantage of the season and fresh local ingredients. Maine is also known for its specialties that you won't find anywhere else, so take them home. We drove to the East End of the city, also known as Munjoy Hill, and could visit Ferdinand's (243 Congress Street).

Located in the heart of the Old Harbor, the Portland store features exposed bricks, a large window and high ceilings. The store itself is as beautiful as it is, with large windows and a high ceiling that proves to be the perfect backdrop for a great view of Portland's historic buildings.

The Maine Mall also has a large parking lot, so you can focus more on your shopping and have less stress when searching for parking. If you only have an hour in Portland and you have to do everything to do, here are some places you shouldn't miss. This small square is just outside the Maine mall and is a great way to shop away from the hustle and bustle of the Portland Mall. Tenants of the mall include Portland's oldest musical instrument store, the Old Harbor Music Store, and a variety of clothing and accessories stores.

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